42 Amazing Fashion Content Ideas for Instagram

Are you looking for fresh and engaging fashion content ideas for Instagram? You’ve come to the right place.

I have a love-hate relationship with Instagram. On one side, I love it because I can be creative with my posts and I can get inspired by other creators; on the other side, I hate it because I always have to be thinking about what to post next to keep my audience engaged and earn that dollar.

In order for you to not have to go through that as well, I've compiled a list of 42 fashion content ideas for Instagram I'm sure your readers will love. This post covers not only feed posts but also story ideas and also reel ideas. Enjoy!

Fashion Content Ideas for Instagram

Instagram Story Ideas

  1. Fashion Q&A
  2. This or that polls
  3. Share a haul
  4. Share a small tour of your closet
  5. Rate of hate polls
  6. Weekly wishlist
  7. Best [clothing item] round-up
  8. Best amazon fashion pieces
  9. Best Instagram fashion accounts ot follow
  10. Share how you choose your outfits on a daily basis
  11. How to fix
  12. Your favorite hair accessories
  13. Your favorite brands to follow on Instagram
  14. How to style [clothing item] from day to night
  15. Your daily makeup routine
  16. Your daily haircare routine
  17. How to wash your clothes
  18. How you organize your drawers
Are you looking for fresh and engaging fashion content ideas for Instagram? You’ve come to the right place.

Instagram Feed Post Idea

  1. OOTD
  2. Your bag colleciton
  3. Your shoe collection
  4. Your makeup colleciton
  5. Your accessories collection
  6. Your breakfast
  7. A day in your life carrousel post
  8. Detail shot of your shoes
  9. Detail shot of your shoes
  10. Detail shot of your earrings
  11. Detail shot of your necklaces
  12. Show of your nails (don’t forget the rings and bracelets!)
  13. Outfit flatlay
  14. Bag dump (showing what you have in your bag)

Instagram Reel Ideas

  1. How to wear a white shirt 3 ways
  2. What I wore this week
  3. School outfit ideas
  4. Date night outfit ideas
  5. What’s in my bag
  6. Your bag collection
  7. Your shoe collection
  8. Your jewelry collection
  9. How to wear a skirt in winter
  10. How to wear a leather jacket

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