50+ Book Blog Post Ideas Your Readers Will Love

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If you’re a book blogger looking for book blog post ideas, this post is just the thing you’re looking for.

Welcome to the first installment of my new blog post series called “Blog Post Ideas”. Creative I know….

To start things off, I’m sharing with you more than 30 book blog post ideas your readers will absolutely love reading.

I am a book lover myself so I’m always on the hunt for my next read. I love reading book blogs because they always have the latest and best book recommendations around.

If you are a beginner book blogger (or even a seasoned one who’s run out of ideas) these book blog post ideas are a great resource to have in hand when creating your content calendar.

Book Blog Post Ideas

  • Best books for people who don’t like to read
  • Best productivity books
  • Kindle Vs Kobo
  • Physical books vs digital books
  • Best chicklit books
  • best self-developement books
  • 5 productivity books that will change the way you work
  • Best health books for people who want to loose weight
  • Best thriller books of [insert year]
  • Best romance books for beginners
  • How to use good reads to find amazing books
  • Best books to read on the beach
  • 10 books to read on commute to work
  • Your all time favorite books
  • 20 Books that are better than the movies
  • Books to read in your 20’s
  • Best books for 1st time moms
  • Best books for teenagers to read
  • 5 holiday books to read this Christmas
  • Best places to buy 2nd hand books
  • How to organize your bookshelves
  • Your favorite beach reads
  • Autumn- inspired books
  • Winter-inspired books
If you're a book blogger looking for book blog post ideas, this post is just the thing you're looking for.
  • 7 fiction books that aren’t about romance
  • 10 amazing fantasy books
  • Best trilogies out there
  • Unpopular opinions about successful books
  • How to keep track of all the books you reasd
  • Spring-inspired books
  • Summer-inspired books
  • Best books about relationships
  • Best books about studying
  • Best books about habits and routines
  • Best books about note-taking
  • 10 funny and light-hearted books you’ll love
  • Amazing books about goal setting
  • 5 books that will make you cry
  • Review the latest book you’ve read
  • How to read more
  • How to get out of a reading slump
  • Books [famous person] recommends
  • How to use Audible
  • How to use Libby
  • 5 Books like [insert book everyone is talking about at that moment]
  • Best book quotes of [insert year]
  • Monthly TBR
  • How to use/create a book journal
  • Best Bookstagrams
  • Best Booktubers
  • Book haul
  • Books you didn0t finish & why

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If you're a book blogger looking for book blog post ideas, this post is just the thing you're looking for.

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