How To Get On Top Of Your Sh*t

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I think all of us have felt like everything is out of control at some point in our lives. Not being on top of your sh*t feels terrible, not gonna lie. But you know what? Not everyone has their sh*t together all the time, and as silly as it sounds, that’s kinda comforting.

There are gonna be times where you will be able to get everything you want done with time to spae and there are going to be times where the complete opposite is going to happen. Again, completely normal.

For those times though, it’s good to have some sort of system in place so that you know that if things start to get out of hand, you can have the comfort of knowing what to do. Here are 3 simple things you can do to get your sh*t together:

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The first thing you should do when you’re feeling too overwhelmed with life is to braindump. Get yourself a piece of paper, open a word document of the notes on your phone, whatever you prefer, and just start writing down every single thing that comes to your mind. 
I know for a fact that having a bunch of things in my head keeps you from being productive and get sh*t done. For example, I’ll start writing a blogpost and then I remember that my literature professor sent me a bunch of documents to print for the next class, and I abandon the blog writing because I’m afraid I’ll forget the documents if I don’t print them now. 
Having everything written down means you won’t have to worry about forgetting anything and will be able to tackle one task at a time. Don’t forget to revisit that list regularly and jot things down as soon as they pop into your head. 


Have a set time for them so that when you skip them you know you’ll get back to it next time. It doesn’t matter if you weren’t able to finish that task because you know that there will be a time set for you to complete those tasks the next day or week. 

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Deadlines are a great way to keep you accountable for things but you shouldn’t have a deadline for every single task on your list. This should be reserved for those really important tasks, like for example a school essay. Going to the mall to buy a skirt does not need to have a deadline. That will only stress you out a lot more. Those kinds of things should be done when you can, not on a certain day and time.  
What do you usually do to stay on top of your sh*t?


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