How to Put In Practice What You’ve Learned

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Learning something new is always very exciting. You feel super knowledgeable and you just want to share the information you’ve recently acquired with everyone. At least that’s how I am.

Learning something new is super easy nowadays: you can easily access books, podcasts, oh AND GOOGLE! Tons of info at the click of a mouse. But you know what the hard part is: actually taking the information you’ve learned and apply it to your life.

Today I’ll show you a few easy steps you can take to make sure the things you learn are things that will actually help you and will be easy to implement into your life.

Learning Filter

Learning things is a natural part of our life, and while many of us say we don’t like learning new things, that’s not actually true. We just don’t like the things we are currently learning. They don’t resonate with us. That is why you should filter what you learn.

Let’s say, for example, there’s a really popular book out right now all about how to create an entire new wardrobe with less than 200 dollars. Everybody is reading it, everyone is talking about it. But think to yourself: is this something I will actually do or do I want to read this because other people are reading it? The answer will most likely be no. So don’t. Choose to consume information that resonates with you and while you’re at it, choose to consume less information as well. Less is more in this case.

Learning to overcome your struggles

Find out what you’re struggling with at the moment and learn things to help you with that. Do you have an oral exam soon? Maybe you should read about public speaking, how to overcome the fear talking to an audience, how to structure an oral presentation, etcetera.

One Source

When learning something, choose one source of information. Having too many sources will just end up making you confused and much more likely to give up on it completely.

I’ll give you my example. I’ve been learnign Korean for about a year now. When I started out I was looking through four or five different Korean-learning websites and ended up kind of giving up on it for a while. The websites has completely different strcutures, the order of the topics to learn was different and tha just made me feel extremely overwhelmed and my motivation kinda dropped. I then decided to stick to one single source and let me tell you, it has made a huge difference.

With that being said, I’m not saying you shouldn’t look elsewhere when there’s something you didn’t understand on your primary source. You should just make sure that source is the top one, the one you will turn to every single time before venturing into other sources.

What are your favorite subjects to learn about?


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