How To Dress Up Sneakers

Sneakers. Don't we all love them? They are comfortable to walk in, go with a lot our clothing and are made in a variety of styles and colors. Bu just how do you dress up sneakers?

Although sneakers are pretty easy to style, there are certain times where we want to be a bit more dressed up but still feel comfortable. Well, that's where I come in. Today I'll be showing you 10 ways to dress up sneakers.


Pair your sneakers with dress pants

This has been an on-going trend on Instagram for a while now. A lot of people pair either tailored dress pants or flowy ones with a pair os cool sneakers, a nice top and a small bag and call it a day. It's a super simple way to level-up your look and still keeping that comfy factor.

Wear your sneakers with a midi-skirt

Midi skirts are the perfect in-between for people who want fancy without the uncomfortable factor. go for a silk midi skirt and pair it with a t-shirt for a laid back look or a blouse for a ore put-together look. Always with sneakers of course.

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Go for a cute yet comfy looks with your favorite dress

Pair your favorite dress (short or long) with a pair of sneakers for an effortless look. This kind of look just gives a "I just grabbed the first thing on my wardrobe and still manage to look super cool" vibe that we all strive to achieve.

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Add a fancy top

If dress pants are not for you, just pair your sneakers with a fancy top. I do this all the time: a pair of jeans, a fancy top, maybe a blazer and sneakers. Perfect look for a causal dinner date.

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Go for a long coat/ jacket

When everything else fails, just throw a fancy coat or jacket over your look. I love the look of sneakers with a trenchcoat for example.




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