How To Find Time To Read

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I love reading. I really do. But sometimes is hard to know how to find time to read.

Sometimes though, it’s not. Right before I started writing this blog post, I finished reading ‘Crazy Rich Asians’, the 3rd book I’ve read in the last 3 weeks.

It sounds like a lot -and let’s admit it, it is a lot- but to me, it didn’t feel like a lot at all because reading is something I truly enjoy ever since I was a little girl.

Reading takes up quite a bunch of time, though, and a lot of us feel like we don’t have time to read so we don’t even try. Today I’ll show you a how to find time to read even if you’re life is a busy mess.


Set Reading Goals

Don’t go crazy on this one. Setting a goal of reading 100 books in a year when you spend most of your time working, studying or doing whatever else will do nothing but let you down at the end when you only read a fifth of that amount.  Start with a small goal and as time passes and you being to understand the amount of time you have to read, adjust it.

Make Accessing Books Easy For You 

Having a book with you at all times can be a burden but that doesn’t mean you can’t have said book with you at all times. Digital books are a God-send for us book lovers. I know a lot of people prefer physical books (I for instance do) but you just have to adapt to modern times.

Having a book ready to read on your phone, kindle, or tablet when you’re out will end up giving you a lot more time to read. 

Do you love reading but just can't find the time to do it? Today I am sharing with you 4 tips of how to find time to read.

Create a Reading Routine

There’s this YouTuber I follow who reads a book every day while she’s having breakfast. She doesn’t have any more time during the day to read so she created a routine that enables her to read every day, even if it is for a mere 10 minutes. Try finding a time slot on your day where you can fit a small reading session.

Choose Books You Love

Just like in fashion, there are certain books that become trendy and people feel the need to read because everyone else is reading it too. You shouldn’t do that because, if you don’t actually like the book, you’ll end up having a ‘reading break-up’ meaning you’ll fall out of love with the act of reading.

While that probably won’t last forever, it’ll probably last long enough for you to think twice when picking up a new book to read again. That, in turn, will probably result in you thinking ‘this book will probably suck just like the last one and you will end up not reading anything for yet another period of time. Choose books that genuinely interest you don’t be afraid to put down a book you are not liking to read.

What was the last book you’ve read? 

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Do you love reading but just can't find the time to do it? Today I am sharing with you 4 tips of how to find time to read.

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