19 Easy Ways To Spring-Clean Your Digital Space

Spring is often associated with cleaning and decluttering. We're all pretty used to doing a huge deep clean of our homes when spring-time comes. But how often do you do it for or digital space?

If you're like me, hardly ever, I presume.

Living in a mainly digital era, it is imperative that we clean our digital space as often as we do our physical one. With that being said, today's post is all about how to clean and declutter for newbies.

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All of these are small easy steps anyone can add up to their spring-cleaning routine, whether you're an digital cleaning expert or not.

Living in a digital era, it's imperative that we clean our digital space as often as we do our physical one. Today's post is all about that.

How to spring-clean your digital space

  1. Clear out old screenshots
  2. Reorganize your productivity software to meet your current needs
  3. Change your phone background
  4. Create a vision board for the next quarter
  5. Unfollow people on social media
  6. Delete contacts you no longer need
  7. Organize your phone's home screen
  8. Delete apps that you no longer use
  9. Unsubscribe from email newsletters
  10. Organize your email labels
  11. Organize your browser toolbar
  12. Clear your cloud storage
  13. Declutter your browser extensions
  14. Customize your finder sidebar
  15. Run antivirus
  16. Empty your trashcan
  17. Declutter computer apps
  18. Clear out downloads folder
  19. Organize all your documents into folders

Do you usually spring-clean your digital space alongside your physical one?



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