How To Overcome a Burnout

There comes a time is everyone’s lives where we don’t feel like doing anything. It’s just something we all experience at some time or another. You might be absolutely in love with what you do and so committed to it that you end up spending way too much time doing that thing you love and that will eventually end up with you just feeling completely exhausted. That is called a burnout.

As I said above, this is fairly common among people but I feel like it’s even more common among people whose jobs involve a lot of creative work: bloggers, youtubers and just content creators in general. These are jobs that require your mind to always be thinking of new ideas and that, quite frankly, is quite exhausting. With that being said, I’m not trying to diminish anyone’s work here as everyone can (and will) experience a burnout at a certain point.

Having been through the biggest burnout I’ve ever experienced in my 5 years of blogging just a few months ago, I’ve noticed when I do certain things or change certain habits, my creative juices flow much more easily and that feeling of exhaustion is pretty much gone. Today I’m here to share a few tips with you.

Take some time off

Starting off with something kind of obvious. When facing a burnout, the first (and best) thing to do is to walk away either for a few minutes, hours or even days. You should give your brain time to rest and get it working again. Just walk away from your computer for as long as you need without worrying about it. Trust me, you’ll come back stronger than ever and ready to tackle all your to-do’s.


Get a good night’s sleep

I can’t tell you how important a good night’s sleep is. Getting enough sleep will instantly improve your mood, thus increasing your productivity and creative flow. Experts recommend getting at least 7/8 hours of sleep every night.

Don’t overschedule

This is more of a preventive tip then anything but also important. Make sure you know your limits. If your schedule for today looks like this:

  • Write 5 blogposts
  • Take photos for instagram
  • Edit said photos
  • Have lunch with Jane
  • Go to the gym
  • Buy groceries
  • Meal prep for the week
  • Go to networking event

then you need to stop right now. Unless you’re some kind of queen of multitasking and your day has 35 hours instead of 24, you won’t do half of the things you’ve scheduled. Even if you do manage to do all of these things you’ll feel exhausted. Try to divide your tasks into things you have to do that day and things that can be postponed and give priority to those that actually need to be completed that day.



I find that reading helps me not only to relax but to also get inspired. Books, blogs and magazines are my go-to’s when I feel stuck and on the verge of a burnout.

Don’t be afraid of asking for help

If things get too overwhelming for you, ask for help. If someone can tackle those emails that have been sitting on your inbox waiting for a reply for God knows how long, let them do it for you. We’re not super-humans, there’s no shame in asking someone to lend you a hand.



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