How To Find Your Personal Style

Finding your personal style can be tricky- trust me I know that. One day you want to dress like a bad-ass with leather pants and jacket and the next you want to dress like a princess wearing a feminine dress and cute heels. Been there, done that. Several times actually.

A lot of girls struggle with this: liking completely different styles and wanting to stick to just one but not doing it because they’re always tempted to turn to the other end of the spectrum. You don’t have to do that. Finding your personal style is all about combining already existing styles you like and make them your own.  Here is how you can find (and stick to) your personal style.

Who are your style icons?

Go to your Instagram, your Pinterest or any other social media you might have. Who are the people who’s style speaks the most to you? Is it a blogger, a celebrity, some person you went to high school with? See which of their looks you like the most and save them to your camera roll.

After you gathered up a good amount of outfits, look for similarities between them. Look for similar pieces -like leather jackets for example, colours – maybe you’re a monochrome kind of person and also look for similarities on the cut of the pieces.

Look through your current wardrobe

. There are three very important questions you need to ask yourself during this stage:

  1. What pieces in my wardrobe do I like the most?
  2. What pieces represent your style? 
  3. Can I recreate the looks I saved from my style icons with the pieces I already own?
With these questions in mind and as you go through your clothing, you’ll be able to create two piles: pieces you’ll keep and pieces you’ll give away. 
After you do this, create what I like to call a ‘real life polyvore set’ where you’ll create an outfit, lay it on your bed or floor and take a picture of it. This will be very helpful for you especially on those days where you just can’t seem to know what to wear.  

Find your key pieces 

When finding your personal style, you’ll come to understand that there are some pieces that you will wear countless of times on different occasions, so I’d suggest you should invest in those pieces. As they are something that will be worn over and over, they should be long-lasting so spending a bit more on them will eventualy be better in the long-run.

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