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Stationery is not something I really talk about here on the blog. I mainly focus on fashion-related content (my blog name is The European Closet after all), but I’ve decided that this year I would like to talk about stationery a little bit.

I am completely obsessed with stationery. I’m that person who can’t see a pretty notebook without buying it, even if I already have 20 other notebooks lying around at home. The same goes for washi tape, pens, you name it. Something about pretty stationery just makes me super happy.

To start off this new series of stationery-related posts I’ve decided to show you guys some of my favorite stationery I currently own. Most of this stationery is from Aliexpress, but there are some other things I got off of some other stores/websites.


Among all of my notebooks/notepads (trust me, there are a lot) these 3 are my favorites. First off we have my bullet journal. My sister gave me a Leuchtturm 1917 dotted notebook as a Christmas gift and I’ve been using it as a bullet journal. I’m relatively new to bullet journal, only having started in September of last year, but I must say I don’t think I’ll ever go back to a traditional planner.
Then we have my 6 ring binder. I got inspired to buy this one after I discovered a bunch of Korean YouTubers who used them as some sort of scrapbook/diary/planner. 6 ring binders all the rage in korea right now and the trend is slowly coming to the west. I bought mine from aliexpress as well as the inserts. I use this binder for creative journaling and to store my kpop photocards. By the way, can you tell who my BTS bias is based on my cover and keyring?
The memo pad pictured above is from Old English Co. They sent me this to-do list memo pad along with some other things about 2 years ago. I mainly use this to make grocery lists for when I have a ton of tasks to be completed.

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Man, I love writing utensils. The number of pens and markers I own is ridiculous. My favorite pens right now are the Zebra Sarasa Clip 0.5 pens. I own this pen in a bunch of different colors.
If you’re into calligraphy I would 100% recommend the Tombow Dual Brush pens. they are a bit pricy but if you want something that had very good quality, these are the way to go in my opinion.
My most recent purchase, marker wise, were these Zebra Mildliners. I’ve seen everyone and their grandma raving about these so I decided to give them a go. So far I’m completely in love. Would definitely recommend it.

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I love cute sticky notes. It’s a weakness of mine. I use these on my creative journaling spreads, my bullet journal, and my school notes. Most of the ones I own have sticky backs while others don’t. I can’t tell you which ones I prefer to be honest, both types are great for different things.
Most of my sticky notes are from aliexpress and my local stationery store, but I also have ones that came with my Mr. Wonderful planners and Old English Co.

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Ah, washi tapes. The biggest stationery temptation for me. I can’t lie, I love me some cute washi tape. I’ve been collecting washi tapes since 2014. Some came and went, others still stand strong, and others have been replaced by their sisters/brothers over and over again.
I love using washi tape everywhere I can. There’s no notebook of mine that doesn’t have the least bit of washi on it. Washi tape is also a great way to hang posters on your walls because it doesn’t really damage them.
My washi tapes come from Flying Tiger, eBay, Joom, Aliexpress, and local stationery stores.

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Last but not least we have stickers. I’ve been trying to incorporate stickers more into my bujo spreads and journaling spreads to compensate the fact that, right after washi tape, this is my most purchased stationery item. I’ve got all kinds of stickers: food ones, animal ones, functional ones, and, of course, BTS ones because I’m a BTS whore.
Again, most of my stickers come from Aliexpress. I have some I got from eBay and I also have ones that came with my Mr. Wonderful planners and my ”Love Yourself: Answer” album.

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What are your favorite items of stationery?

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