Zaful Haul + Review

You know when you go to a website to shop for something but the amount of things available is so large you end up wanting everything and buying an excessive amount of things? That’s exactly what I feel every time I shop at Zaful. I just love how Zaful has amazing things you can buy (some of them actual designer inspired things) and all super affordable. So, of course, when they asked me if I wanted to collaborate with them, I couldn’t say no. 
I ordered a total of 5 different things and today, I’m doing a little haul/review on all these items. 

Flexible Mini Octopus Style Tripod Stand Holder For Mobile Phones

Let’s start with the thing I’m most excited about. I’ve been looking for a small tripod for ages now but the ones I’ve found online were either too expensive or had really bad reviews. I was browsing through Zaful’s website and stumbled upon this gem and I knew I had to get it. 
I can already say I’m obsessed with this tripod. It’s just the right size for me and what I want to with it. I’ve already used it to take some cool pictures (stay tuned- you’ll see them soon!). This tripod also comes with a little phone holder thing you can attach to the top, so if you don’t have a camera, you can still buy it.

Rhinestone Chain Necklace  / 3 Pieces Moon Star Bracelets / Simple Steel Mesh Band Quartz Watch

I’ve always been a silver jewellery girl. I don’t know why but I always gravitate towards silver instead of gold. I think, before I bought these beauties, I only had a pair gold of earrings, a gold bracelet and a gold necklace. However, most of my bags have gold hardware on them and that was the main reason I decided to get these items.
I got this rhinestone choker so I could layer it with other chokers and necklaces. I’m too big on shiny jewellery but I’ve seen a few pictures on Pinterest of girls layering all kinds of necklaces and it looks really pretty so I decided to get it and try it out. I also decided to get these simple bracelets. I not really fond of stars and moons on jewellery, to be honest but I actually thought these were cute. They are not too big so they go quite unnoticed. To go with the bracelets, I decided to get this gold watch I had my eye on for quite a while. I love the design of it: it’s a statement piece but at the same time it’s quite minimalist-looking.
I will say though, these pieces tend to lose their colour as you wear them, as it happens with all not real gold or silver jewellery. I recommend you coat them with clear nail varnish before using them.

Mock Neck Flare Sleeve Floral Embroidered Sweater

I was never a big fan of embroidery if I’m honest. I don’t know, it just reminded me of my grandma’s blankets. However, when I was browsing through Zaful’s website my mum pointed this jumper out saying she saw a girl wearing that same jumper on Instagram. She then proceeded to show me the picture and I really liked how the girl styled the jumper. She was wearing black jeans, OTK’s, a white shirt under the jumper and the actual jumper itself. Then she had a red bag on her hand as well as a black oversized coat. Right up my alley. I looked at my mum and she just said ‘Get it’. And I did. I bought the largest size they had, a Large but was a bit disappointed when the jumper arrived. It’s too tight for me to wear anything underneath. I still love it though. I’ll just probably style it a different way now. Maybe the jumper tucked into some mom jeans or baggier trousers, some trainers and a small bag. 
So yeah, if you’re thinking about buying this jumper, definitely size up.
What’s your favourite item of this haul? Have you ever bought anything from Zaful? 
Disclaimer: This post contains PR samples 

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