What I’ve Been Reading, Watching and Listening To

I never really talk about things I do on the blog- not that I do a lot of interesting things but anyway-
but I noticed a lot of my favourite blogs share these kinds of things and it makes me feel like I know the bloggers a little bit more. Today I decided to share a bit more about my daily life in hope that you also feel like you know a bit more about myself.

I’m an avid reader alright. I’m that kind of person that can read two or three books a week if I have enough free time. This month though, I haven’t really read much other the occasional Wattpad story. I’ve been reading ‘Pretty Honest’ by Sally Hughes ever since I got it as a Christmas gift and since it’s not really a story I only read it sporadically. I’ve also started reading ‘Into The Water’ by Paula Hawkings , a book I’ve been putting off reading since last summer. I’m only about 100 pages in but I have to say I’m loving it.
I also started reading ‘King Lear’ by William Shakespeare this month- not by choice to be honest but uni duty calls.

In contrast to reading, I am not a big watcher. I think as the years have gone by, tv became less and less interesting to me, to the point where I only have it on sporadically as background noise. However, I do watch some tv shows – not when they’re aired but anyway (thanks Vodafone btw). I’ve been obsessing over ‘The Good Doctor’ lately: it’s probably one of my favourite tv shows of all time. I’ve always loved medical tv shows so this is right up my alley.
I’ve been re-watching ‘Friends’ as well because it’s a classic and I always have a good laugh when watching their shenanigans.

Music wise, I’ve been listening to the album ‘Flicker’ by Niall Horan on repeat for the past few weeks. I just love the album’s calming vibe. My favourite song has to be ‘Seeing Blind’.

What about you? What have you been watching, reading and listening to?

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