Weekend To-Do List

The weekend is approaching and if you’re like me, when you don’t have anything planned, you kinda go crazy. Even though the weekend is supposed to be a relaxation time, I feel like I have to do something or those two days are just a waste of time.

I’m not saying we should work my butt off during the weekend, but I have to do something, anything.
Here are a few things to do when you want to be productive but still relax.

1- Read a book
2-Go for a walk in the park
3-Clean your closet
4-Catch up on youtube videos
5-Go shopping
6-Go to the cinema
7-Visit a place in your town you’ve never been to
8-Create a spa at home and have a pamper day
9- Plan the week ahead
10- Go out for brunch
11- Spend quality time with your family
12- Visit a museum
13- Do yoga
14- Go for a run
15- Have a marathon of your favourite TV show

What are your plans for the weekend?

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