Top 7 Autumn/Winter Trends Anyone Can Wear Right Now

Trends: a word that once symbolized fun, now it kind of feels futile. We were always so excited to learn about the latest fashion trends but now it all just seems so trivial.

If you’re a frequent reader of my blog, you’ll know that I always create my fashion posts with one thought in mind: being trendy but comfortable. Lockdown has brought new changes to our lives and there are a lot of people who can’t spend their money on as many clothing items as they did before so they are opting to buy things that know they will wear a lot and that will last a lot.

When putting this post together, I kept this in mind and chose to go for trends that I think are somewhat timeless and can be worn in a variety of different ways. On top of that, we’re pretty much working from home most of the time so I chose the trends that, in my opinion, are the easiest to incorporate into your daily life without compromising the comfortable factor. Let’s get into the trends!

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Red Everything

Although there are other trendy colors this A/W season (like browns and greens), red it the IT color this A/W season. It was seen all over runways this past February in clothes, shoes, and accessories. If you’re daring enough, you can try out an all-red look but if you’re someone who likes to wear more muted tones, you can always add pops of red to your outfits with bags, shoes, and even headbands.

Statement Sleeves

I’ve said this time and time again, but if a top has cool sleeves I’m sold. This trend is the perfect trend to wear on zoom meetings. Party on the top, pajama pants on the bottom.

Statement sleeves can spice up any sweater, and there are many kinds too! Ruffled sleeves, embellished sleeves, puff sleeves, you name it.


We often associate vest with nerdy boys (not like there’s anything wrong with nerdy boys, you’re amazing, keep it up!) but now vest are being worn by the biggest Instagram IT-girls which made vests suddenly become cool.

Vests are actually pretty versatile. You can wear them with a cute shirt underneath and tuck it into a pleated shirt for a more preppy look or pair them with straight-leg jeans and chucky boots for a more edgy look. Oh, and vest dresses! So cute!

Embellished Knitwear

Embellishments don’t need to be restricted to sleeves. You can literally have them in any part of your knitwear. And you know what the best part of this trend is? You can easily DYI it! Just take one of your old knits and add some pearls, beads, shinny buttons, or any kind of cute things you have lying around your house.

Colorful Check print

Check is that kind of print that never goes out of style. However, this Autumn, colorful check print is the way to go. From pink to red, to even green, this trend was all over the runways. If you don’t want to invest in bright colors, you can always go for muted pinks, blues or even greens which are colors that can pair very well with neutral colors.

Belted Jackets

Here’s yet another trend you can DYI. Just get your favorite blazer or coat and add a belt to it! That’s it. That’s the DYI.

Adding a belt to your jackets will cinch your waist, giving you a very flattering figure. I love the look of a belted blazer, leather pants and cute boots! It’s such an easy to achieve look but it makes you look like you’ve spent hours perfecting it!

Chunky Boots

This trend is not something new. Last year chunky boots were all the rage on every designer runway and this year is no different.

I love the contrast of wearing a cute, feminine dress with chunky boots. Just throw a long coat on top of it and you’re good to go.

What are your favorite A/W trends?



  1. I’m here for the return of the chunky boot. So 90s! I’m glad they’re coming back around.

  2. Loveeee the vests trend, it is so cute!!

  3. I am so obsessed with the vest trend!

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