The Ultimate Guide To Blog Rt Accounts

A few years ago I did a blogpost all about the Twitter accounts that retweet your tweets promoting your blogposts. A lot of time has passed since I wrote that post and the blog retweet accounts I used have changed: there are some that no longer exist and there are some new (and really cool ones) I’ve added.

I think Twitter is a great platform to share your blog’s content, and RT accounts make the job of reaching more people much easier. Twitter is my second highest source of traffic, right after Pinterest and I owe a lot of that to blog RT accounts.

Before I show you my list of accounts, I think it is important to let you know a few tips on how to compose your tweets in a way that will appeal to the account you tag as well as potential readers.

The first thing is to incorporate an image related to the blogpost: what I usually do is I create an image on Canva and then I use it for both Twitter and Pinterest.

The second and final tip I have for you is to keep the tweet short and sweet: just write out the title of your post, the link to it and you’re good to go.

  • #blogginggals
  • #bloggersblast
  • #bloggerssparkle
  • #thebloggershub
  • #teacupclub
  • #prrequest
  • #bloggerswanted
  • @bloggerscircle_
  • @lovingblogs
  • @fabbloggersrt
  • @bblogrt
  • @femalebloggerrt
  • #thebloggerspost
  • @wetweetblogs
  • @bloggerslifee
  • @bloggersparadise
  • #abunchofgirls
  • #gwbchat
  • #beechat
  • @allthoseblogs
  • @_bunchofblogs
  • @plbchat
  • @stylebloggerrt
  • #blissbloggers
  • #usblogchat
  • #blossblogs
  • #influencerrt
  • @fbloggerrt
  • @bloggeroppsrt
  • #lnbchat
  • #bbeautychat
  • @lazyblogging
  • #bloggerbabesrt
  • @ukblogrt
  • @fembloggers
  • @blogretweet1
  • #lbloggerschat
  • @ukbloggers1
  • @wertbloggers
  • @thegirlganghq
  • @fbloggersuk
  • #fblchat
  • @yourblogrt
  • @bloggingconnect
  • #bloggerstribe
  • @beautybloggersc
  • @lbloggerrt
  • @bestblogrt
  • @busybloggers
  • @bloggeration_
  • #thegirlgang
  • #bloggerbrunchchat
  • @theeditrt
  • @bloggersintheuk
  • @beautblogsrt
  • #thebloggercrowd
  • @glrpowrchat
  • @glrswhocreate



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