The European Closet: best looks of August

The European Closet: Best Looks Of August

Best looks of August is here! This past month I’ve started to post more Autumn-ish looks in hopes of giving you some inspiration for when Autumn actually arrives.

I tried to incorporate a bit more color to my posts, which was proven to be quite difficult. What can I say? I’m a neutral kinda gal. However, I did have fun using a bit more colors and stepping out of my comfort zone. And you guys seemed to like the pops of color too, which I’m really glad about!

As always, today’s post is all about the top 10 best looks posted on my Virtual Styling Instagram this past month of August.

If you haven’t followed my account already, what are you waiting for? I post daily outfits for all types of occasions whether that means the gym or a fancy dinner party. Click here to follow The European Closet Virtual Styling!

Just like I say in all of my posts, all of the items you see in the pictures below are linked on my “Shop Virtual Styling” page here on the blog. I usually link the exact items and other alternatives, affordable, and more high-end.

If you’re interested in knowing what the best looks of July were, click here to check them out!


The European Closet: Best Looks Of August

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