Short Girl Problems

I’m not super short. I’m 161 cm (5ft 2) which I think it’s a quite normal height. Sure the average must be like 5ft4 or something, but I still don’t think I’m that short.  Other people think otherwise. Since high school people would ‘make fun’ of my height. It’s not my fault everyone else is a giant!

I like being my height. Before I would always complain about how short I was and how I looked like I was twelve when I was actually sixteen. Now, I’ve grown to love it.

Being short has many advantages like, for example, not looking ‘too tall’ in heels, but, like everything else in the word, it also has its disadvantages. Here are problems every short girl can relate to.

1- Clothes never fit properly.
 Ugh how I hate this. Every time I buy a pair of jeans I have to get them cut at the bottom because they are too long on me. The same happens with shirts every now and again but I tend to buy 3/4 sleeved shirts so I don’t really have a problem anymore. 

2- Trying to take photos with people taller than you
This is just plain frustrating. You can never get a right angle when taking pictures with people taller than you. Either most of your body is left out of the picture of the person’s head is cut out 

3- People pointing out how short you are
In my first year of uni, everybody, and I mean everybody commented on my height. I’m not that small people! There are people out there smaller than I am.

4- Looking younger than you actually are
Do you know how many times people thought I was 15? I’m 20 for goodness sake! I know I’m complaining right now, but in tens years, when people think I’m 25 instead of 30 I’ll be more than happy that’s for sure 
5- Your feet not hitting the ground when you sit
Chairs are not made for short people. Period

6- Being called cute 
Thanks for the compliment but don’t call me that because I’m short.

7- Not being able to see around tall people
This is the most frustrating thing ever. That’s why I hate crowds. I can never see anything 
How tall are you? Do you usually have any of these problems?

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