Pinterest Group Boards You Can Join Right Now

Pinterest is the platform that drives the most traffic to my blog: I get an average of 150 new visitors daily through my Pinterest account which might seem like a small number but if you really think about it, it’s actually huge. This is all possible because of group boards.

For those who don’t know what a group board is, it’s basically a Pinterest board that has a bunch of people pinning into it. Normally these group boards have a theme, for example, Paris so the people who have access to the board and can pin there are only allowed to pin pictures related to Paris.

Today we’ll be focusing on blogging group boards. These group boards are made specifically for bloggers and are a place where we can share our latest blog posts or any blogposts we’ve written for that matter.

I think these are amazing not just to promote your work but also to discover other bloggers who might have the same niche as you and might want to collaborate with you.

There aren’t just bloggers who follow these group boards, people who don’t blog also follow them, which means they will probably see your post and might click on it. BAM, new reader.

I’ve gathered a list of group boards that I feel are great for bloggers are will boost your blog traffic.

Pinterest Group Boards

  1. Beauty Blogger Babes Group Board 
  2. Blogging Pros Group Board 
  3. Group Board: Fashion Beauty and Lifestyle Bloggers (this is the group board I’ve created)
  4. Post Your Blog! Bloggers Promote Here
  5. Beauty + Style Blogs Group Board 
  6. Top Blogs: Pinterest Viral Board 
  7. ~Beauty Fashion & Lifestyle Bloggers 
  8. Promote Your Blog|Get Organic Traffic
  9. Blogger Style 
  10. Beauty + Fashion Bloggers (Group Board)
  11. Top Bloggers (Group Board)
  12. Blog + Business Tips (Group Board)
  13. Female Bloggers Free For All 
  14. Fashion & Beauty
  15. . Bloggers Unite.
  16. Best Bloggers To Follow
  17. Piniacs
  18. Collective Bloggers
  19. Blogs & Vlogs
  20. Blog For Success
  21. Bloggers Group Board
  22. Best of: Bloggers Group Board
  23. Bloggers Post Share
  24. Pintastic Bloggers Group Board
  25. Promote Your Pins
  26. Blogging Tribe
  27. All Niche Pin Promo Group Board
  28. Passion For Blogging
  29. Share & Grow
  30. Bloggers Post Here


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