How I Stay Organized

If you’re a blogger, you know how time consuming it is to run a blog. You need to think about post ideas, take pictures, edit them, write the post, promote it on social media and, of course engage with your readers. Blogging takes much more time than most people think!

Sometimes, it can be hard to juggle blogging with school, work and your social life. 
For a lot of bloggers, blogging is a hobby- a side job if you will- so they don’t have a lot of time to spend writing and promoting things on social media. I’ve struggled several times with this issue- wanting to blog but not having the time to do so. However, I’ve come up with an organization system to help me organize my blog and blogging schedule, but also to help me organize my life in general. Today, I’m sharing 3 ways I keep myself and my blog organized. 


I’m a visual person, so I hate organizing my life on my phone. I need to visualize my week in order to organize myself around the things I have to do. For the past year, I’ve been using a Mr. Wonderful Agenda and in there I write down everything I need to do regarding my blog and also my personal life. 

 Blog Notebook

I have this Ale-Hop notebook (which is no longer in stock but here’s another one I find really cute) and I use to jot down blogpost ideas, to write rough drafts of blogposts and photo ideas. That way, I can be a bit more organized with my blog. 

 Pocket Planner

My Mr. Wonderful Planner is a quite big so it doesn’t fit in most of my bags so my Mom got me this little pocket planner -I made the cover myself- which I take with me everywhere and everytime I have a blogpost idea or have somewhere important to go to, I write it down there and then transfer the information to my big Mr. Wonderful Agenda. 

How do you stay organized?

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