Holiday To-Do List

I’ve got a Pinterest board filled with Christmasy stuff such as decor ideas, recipes and bunch of other things and I was looking through it yesterday and thought ‘There’s a ton of stuff I want to do before Christmas. I’ll just make a list.” And I did. Then, as I looked through it I came to the conclusion that the list could be used by everyone, not just me. So, here it is: my (and now yours) holiday to-do list.
  1. Create a Holiday playlist and listen to it whenever you want (for me that is pretty much all the time haha). Here’s my favourite playlist to listen to.
  2. Watch Christmas films. You can either do a marathon or just watch one everyday until Christmas comes. My favourites are Elf, Home Alone, Lova Actually and Arthur Christmas
  3. Create a festive nail look.I’ve got a Pinterest boards filled with nail art ideas (Christmas related and not)
  4. Bake Christmas cookies
  5. Go to a Christmas market
  6. Drink a hot chocolate while relaxing on the sofa
  7. DIY your own Christmas Jumper. If you don’t want to do that, here’s a list of really cool Christmas jumpers
  8. Attend or host a Holiday dinner party. Here are some outfit ideas
  9. Have a crafting day. Spend the day creating holiday-related crafts such as ornaments, center pieces and other things. 
  10. Go ice skating.


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