20 Quick Tips On How To Grow Your Blog

If you go around the internet and search for tips to grow your blog, you will get a huge amount of results, and that can be a bit mind-boggling.

There are posts around the web that go in-depth about 5 or 6 blogging tips, which are amazing, but I feel like sometimes people just want easy and straight to the point tips so decided to gather up 20 quick tips to help you and your blog.

These are tips that have worked wonders for me and, hopefully, they will work for you too!

20 Quick Tps To Grow Your Blog

1- Have a workflow in place.  Here’s a blogging workflow you can download right now!

2- Promote old posts on all social media platforms you have an account on.

3- Tag blog RT accounts on twitter when sharing your posts. 

4- If you don’t feel confident enough with taking your own photos, create graphics of use stock photos

5-  Keep a notebook where you jot down every idea and other blog-related thoughts that might pop up in your mind. If you’re more of a digital person, I personally love notion. 

6- Write about things that you are passionate about. Don’t write a post just because others are writing it. 

7- Always add ALT Text to your images 

8- Set up rich pins for your blog

9- Create Pinterest-friendly images (Canva is a great website to do so)

10- Update (or create) your About Me page

11- Link old blogposts (when it’s relevant) on your newest blogpost 

12- Have a blog layout that is easy to navigate in 

13-Make your skimmable. Add a lot of H2 and H3 headings.

14- Include a link to your blog in all your social media platforms

15- When promoting your posts  on social media, tag brands that appear in the photo for a chance to get reposted and reaching more people

16-Schedule your social media posts. Doing it all at once can save you a lot of time

17- Claim your blog on Bloglovin and Pinterest 

18-Always leave links to your social media at the end of each post you write.

19- Reply to comments people leave on your posts. 

20-  Create Templates for social media graphics, replies to emails, and everything that can have a template. 



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