Free Printables: Book, Movie and TV Show Checklists

I am obsessed with lists: I’m that kind of girl that uses every single excuse she can find to write a list. I don’t know what it is, but it just feels so good looking at a completely ticked off checklist and realizing that you’ve accomplished everything you wrote down. 

I am also the kind of girl who writes down a list of books, movies and TV shows she wants to see and ticks off those which she has watched or read once she finishes doing so.  For that reason, I created some PDF documents for personal use where I would write down what movie or TV show I wanted to see and what books I wanted to read. When I showed it to a friend, she asked me if I could send the documents to her e-mail so she could print them out and use them. Obviously, I said yes, and then I thought: ” Why don’t I give them to my blog readers too? Certainly, there will be people interested in these printables.”, so today, I’m here to share with you my ”Movies to see”, ”TV shows to see” and ”Books to read checklists!

Click the link below to download them

Let me now in the comments if you’ve downloaded these printables!


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