Free Phone Wallpapers For Personal Use

I have this thing with phone wallpapers: I love changing my phone background which results in me choosing a new wallpaper at least once a week. But with this happening, there comes a time where I end up repeating wallpapers because I can’t find new ones that I love. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and create my own phone wallpapers. 
I’ve created a whole bunch of them and have been using them for a few weeks now. They turned out pretty good if I do say so myself haha. 
Back in February, I created a post where I gave for free a few lists and that post was one of my best-performing ones yet so I thought ”Why not give these wallpapers for free as well? People seemed to like the lists, they will probably like these wallpapers as well”. 
Well, here I am! And here are 8 free phone wallpapers for you!

– These are free for personal use on your phone only.
– They are the property of myself and must not be redistributed or used commercially.
– If you post one on Pinterest or Instagram, you must provide a link back to or @theeuropeancloset
Let me know which ones you liked best! 
(Click the link below the picture so you can download the images )


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