Best Money Saving Tips + Free Printable

I’ve done one of these posts before (here) where I shared with you some tips on how to save more money. Ever since then, I’ve found more ways to save money so I decided to share them with you guys.

Practice the WDNCS rule 

W- Want – Do I want this?
D- Deserve – Do I deserve this?
N – Need – Do I need it?
C – Can – Can I afford it?
S – Should – Should I buy it?

When buying thinking about buying something, ask yourself these questions. If the answer is yes to all the questions, go ahead and buy it. If you’re a bit fidgety about one of the answers don’t buy it. At least not straight away. I’d say go home, think about it and if next week you still want it then go for it.

Go over all your subscriptions

Are you one of those people who has ten magazine subscriptions and a ton of other subscriptions? If you are, go over all of them. Do you really need that much fashion magazine subscriptions? Better yet, do you need any magazine subscriptions at all?

Subscribe to your favourite shop’s email newsletters

When you subscribe to shop’s newsletters they’ll often give you a discount code on your first purchase and will give you coupons or other codes for you to use every now and again. These discounts will sometimes save you a good amount of bucks.

Always compare prices 

I’ve talked about this before but I’ll say it again. This is so important if you want to save money! I mean, why pay 5€ for a shampoo when you can buy it for 2,5€ from a different shop?
Make use of those annoying supermarket papers that arrive in your mail every day. They come in handy when you’re trying to compare prices.

Keep track of what you spend money on 

I started doing this back in 2016. My Mr. Wonderful Agenda had a whole section dedicated to money. You could jot down your income and where you spent your money. This was very useful for me as I could visualize everything I spent my money on. This helped me see how much I money I have left at the end of each month and it also helps me to figure out how to save even more the following month. 
This year, I created my own budget planner page. If you want to downloads it, click the link below!

What do you usually do to save money?

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