A very cosy day-in to-do list

Can you believe spring starts in about two weeks? Yeah, me neither. These past few days have been super duper cold here in Portugal (and pretty much everywhere) and all I want to do is stay inside my home curled up on my bed or sofa and not face the harsh winds and rain outside. Here are a few things you can do when spending a day at home.

  1. Have a nice and relaxing bath. Use bath salts, bath bombs or whatever you want and just lay down and relax. Put on some calming music, grab a glass of wine and you’re good to go
  2. Change your sheets. For this cold weather, I like to use the warmest ones I own
  3. Grab the biggest and most comfortable blanket you have. Sit down on your sofa or lay down on your bed and just curl up while scrolling through your phone or watching something on the telly. 
  4. Make yourself a nice and hot cup of tea/cocoa/coffee. This will warm your hands and your insides and who doesn’t want that?
  5. Burn some candles. My favourite ones are vanilla scented. I’ll turn off all lights, turn on my fairy lights and candles and immediately feel cosier. 
  6. Have a Netflix binge. Time to watch that show you’ve been postponing for months. I’ve been re-watching Friends and American Horror Story.
  7. Have a film marathon. If you don’t have a Netflix account, gather up your DVD’s and watch them all. 
  8. Have a mini pamper session. Do a face mask, exfoliate your skin and hydrate it 
  9. Catch up on your favourite blogs. This is probably my favourite thing to do. My favourite bloggers right now are Kate, Lily, Mandy, Maria and Sophie 
  10. Watch some youtube videos. I’ve been  obsessing over LubaTVErin May Henry Rachelleea Lavendaire  and Lissy Roddy lately 
  11. Indulge in some online retail therapy. I have to admit I do this pretty much every day. Granted I don’t buy stuff every day but I like to browse through my favourite online shops, put stuff in my cart and then leave. I know it sounds weird but it kinda calms me down a little bit so that’s why I do it  

What do you like to do when you have to stay indoors?


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