A Simple Guide To The Korean 10-Step Beauty Routine

K-pop is not the only Korean-derived thing people have been talking about for the last 1/2 years. Korean skincare is all the rage right now, especially their infamous 10-step skincare routine. It sounds kinda scary, right? I mean who has the time (and the patience) to apply ten different products to your skin before leaving the house or going to sleep? But trust me, it’s much easier than it sounds. Here’s a breakdown of the Korean 10-step beauty routine.

1- Oil-based Cleanser

The first step on the Korean 10-step beauty routine is using an oil cleanser. Oil cleansers really break down the makeup on your face, making it much easier to remove. It should be applied on a dry face and rinsed with lukewarm water

2-Water-based/Foam Cleanser

Yes, we’re using another cleanser. Double-cleansing is a really popular thing in Korea. The water cleanser will remove any impurities the oil cleanser might have left behind as well as the residue the actual oil cleanser might have left


This is a skippable step, as it is only to be done 1/2x a week. I know there are very mild exfoliators for daily use but I still think exfoliating your skin on a daily basis is too much. As I mentioned above, one or two times a week should do the trick.


Apply your toner with a cotton pad in gentle swiping motions. The toner will get rid of any residue that might be left (even after double-cleansing), it will balance your skin’s PH levels and it will be also the first step to introducing moisture back into your face.

5- Essence

An essence is basically a lotion in water-like form, normally targeting specific skin problems like redness. A spritz of essence will refresh your face and make it a bit more moisturized.

6- Serum

Just like the essence, a serum is made to target specific skin problems, but this time in a much more concentrated form. It should be applied directly to the skin and patted until absorbed.

7- Facial Oil/ Spot Treatment/ Sheet Mask

This step is the most flexible one of all ten. At this stage, you can choose between using a facial oil, a spot treatment cream or a mask. The latter should be used only 1/2x a week.

8- Eye Cream

Next up is the eye cream. The area around our eyes is quite sensitive and sometimes the cream we use on our face isn’t the best for that area. That is why eye cream should be used. Apply a pea-size amount with your ring finger while tapping gently.

9- Moisturizer

Time to lock in all the goodness of the products we’ve used so far. Apply a generous amount of your favorite moisturizer to your face and neck.

10-SPF/ Sleeping Pack

The product to use on the last step depends on what time of the day you are doing this routine. If you’re doing it during the day, the last step should be applying SPF to protect your skin from sun damage. If you’re doing this at night, a sleeping pack will replace the SPF. Be careful not to overdo it though. Sleeping packs should only be applied 2/3x a week.


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