A Dress For Every Occasion

Am I the only one who’s been dreaming about sunny warm days? I’m so tired of grey rainy days, to be honest. here in Portugal, it has been raining pretty much non-stop for the past 2 weeks. I think we’re all longing for the feeling of the sun hitting our skin right?

Speaking of sun, what is the number one item of clothing us women associate with warm days? Dresses. So basically today’s post is all about dresses. I’ve chosen 4 categories of dresses from Zaful lace dresses, mermaid dresses, boho dresses and tea dresses. I’ll be choosing one dress from each category and I will show you two different ways you can wear that particular dress: a more casual way and a more formal way  I will also link a few other dresses so you if you want to buy one you have a few options.

Starting off with tea dresses: tea dresses are those types of dresses have been around since the 70’s. Of all categories of dresses I’ll be showing you today, this is definitely my favourite. I think they are super easy to wear formally and casually. For that, I’ve chosen this red dress that screams summer to me

Starting off with the formal look, I went for a fairly simple look: white minimal sandals and a white circle bag. You can obviously add accessories but I think a simple look like this looks beautiful.
For the casual look, I went for a very similar vibe: again a circle bag (this time a straw one) and some black sliders. If you’re into sliders, I think a pair of white trainers would look great here too.

Spaghetti Straps Cold Shoulder Chiffon Dress

Half Buttoned Long Sleeve Floral Midi Dress

Mermaid dresses are the perfect dress to wear at fancy events such as weddings, cocktail parties and stuff like that. It accentuates the curves of women’s bodies. I’ve chosen this black knee-length black dress that flares a bit at the bottom as my example today.

For the formal look, I went for an all-black look. I paired the dress with some black sling-back heels, a small croc clutch and some silver jewellery.
I have to say the casual look I had the hardest time coming up with. We’re just so used to see mermaid dresses with heels that it kind of felt weird pairing it with trainers. I think I did pretty good though. The white sneakers and denim jacket make the dress look more like something you could wear on a daily basis. 

Backless Cut Out Fishtail Dress

Next up we have the sexy lace dresses. I went for this white dress since white is a very springy colour For the formal look, I’ve gone with a pair of gingham strappy sandals, a small back and some silver rings. You can totally add more accessories if you want to. My advice would be to now overdo it. Go for dainty jewellery.

As for the casual look, I opted for some black leather loafers, a straw bag and some tortoiseshell sunglasses: the perfect spring look. You can always put on a denim jacket on top if you’re feeling a bit colder.

A few of my favourite lace dresses: 

Hollow Out Ruffle Dress With Tank Top

Cami Crochet Flower Midi Dress

Finally, we’ve got boho dresses. On the website, they advertise these dresses as prom dresses but I honestly think they can be worn pretty much everywhere. I’ve chosen this lilac long dress since lilac seems to be the it colour of this spring/summer.
This formal look is the perfect look for a spring wedding in my opinion. It’s a very easy look to recreate: you just need some strappy sandals (I went for snake print ones but plain ones will do the job perfectly) a small bag or clutch and some dainty jewellery.
This look is more directed to wear to go to the beach. The espadrilles and the straw hat immediately make the dress much more relaxed. 

Snowflake Embroidered Maxi Dress

What was your favourite dress? 
Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.


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