8 Fun Things To Do At The Beach

It’s that time of the year again where the only places good to be in are under an air conditioner or under water. That’s right: Summer- I don’t know about your city but where I live in it’s so hot that, as I’m writing this, I’m melting over my laptop. It’s currently 31ºC  (87.8º F) and the temperatures will rise over the weekend, reaching about 38º C (100º F). I’m gonna die. Seriously.

As I said before, on hot days all we want to do is be in a cold place or under water, so a lot of people will go to the beach and enjoy the sea and the sun. The thing is, for me at least- it’s very easy to get bored while at the beach. I mean, there is so much tanning and swimming someone can take right?
Today I decided to gather up 8 cool things you can do at the beach so you won’t get bored.

1- Read a book or magazine
2- Walk around
3-Photograph the beautiful scenery
4- Get on the rock (if the beach you’re in has some) and search for little fish
5- Play volleyball or football
6- Play a card game like Uno
7- Listen to some music while tanning
8- If the ocean allows you to, go for a swim.

What are your favourite activities do to at the beach?

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