7 small steps to have a more organised day

I am one of those people who tries their hardest to be organised but a lot of times ends up not doing anything but scroll through Instagram. I’ve tried several techniques to try and stop myself from procrastinating and do everything I need to do but only a few months back I found the perfect system for me. I’ve separated it into 7 steps in hopes of hoping you guys to have a more organised day.
Plan it out

When you wake up, grab yourself a cup of coffee, sit down and write/type down all your to-dos for the day. If you don’t feel comfortable or simply don’t have the time to do this in the morning, do it the night before. Grab your planner or your phone and write everything – and I mean everything- down.

Eliminate distractions

Set a schedule for yourself and follow it! If you are easily distracted by your phone, place it across the room, or even better, in a whole different room. If you find yourself browsing endlessly through facebook on your computer, you can get apps to block certain websites. I do this a lot, especially when I have to study. I normally block facebook, Tumblr, Bloglovin and Pinterest.

What comes first must be done first 

Prioritize! I can’t even begin to tell you how important this is! If there’s a task you need to do today, do it! Don’t give yourself excuses. When writing your to-do list, write the most important task on top and only do the rest of the tasks after you have completed that/those one(s).

Group similar tasks 

Have a ton of calls to make? Make them all at once. Have a ton of emails to reply to? Reply to them all at once. It’s way easier to complete everything on your to-do if you group similar tasks, trust me.

Finish it

If you aren’t finished with a task, don’t go and do another one without finishing it. This will only make your brain confused and you’ll end up not doing either of the things.

Take breaks 

Once you finish a big task (or a bunch of mini ones) reward yourself. Go eat some food, go sit on the sofa, go out. This will help your mind to rest and recharge. 
Ask for help

If you can’t do everything on your own, ask for help. There’s no shame in that. Sometimes we just can’t do everything we set ourselves up to and that’s okay.

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