7 Small Changes For A Healthier Lifestyle

I think we've all thought 'I need to lead a healthier lifestyle' before right? Here are 7 small changes for a healthier lifestyle

I think we’ve all been in that place where we think ‘I need to lead a healthier lifestyle’ or ‘I need to read more’, but thinking these things and actually doing them are two totally different things. We can think about them all we want but if we don’t put them into practice, nothing will happen.

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Now, I know making lifestyle changes are hard, whether we’re talking about health changes, routine changes or any other kind of changes. Us humans have a hard time adapting to new situations and routines. But we also have something called willpower: and that’s what allows us to make these changes.

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When changing your lifestyle, you should never be radical about it – trust me that never works-, you should start small and gradually build up the changes. This is the best way to implement new things in your life and get them to really stick.

1- Switch your fizzy drinks for tea 

I can’t say I found this change hard since I pretty much only drink water, milk and tea, but I know this can be hard for people who love fizzy drinks. Tea is a great substitute for those high-calorie and high on sugary drinks. You can drink it hot, cold, with milk, without milk, with sugar and without sugar.

There are a ton of teas available out there, but if you are doing this to get healthier, I’d suggest you choose a tea that will boost your metabolism. Lately, I’ve been drinking the Slim Life Tea. This tea is specifically made for people who want to lose those extra pounds and can’t seem to do it.

Of course, the results will be much bigger if accompanied by healthier eating habits, but the Slim Life Tea contains polyphenol which blocks enzymes from building fat, that meaning you can lose weight just by drinking this tea.

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend doing just this because what will happen is that after you finish your 28-day program, you’ll just gain the weight you lost back because you didn’t make any other changes in your life.

Either way, I would strongly recommend you take a look at the Slim Life Tea’s website and try their tea. It’s super tasty and easy to prepare and it will help you get closer to your health goal.

2- Switch to small plates 

People are visual beings, there’s no denying that. Using small plates instead of big ones will trick your brain into thinking there’s a lot more food on your plate.

The amount is exactly the same, but as the food occupies a lot more space on the smaller plate, it’ll look like you’re eating a lot more than you actually are.

3- Take advantage of those breaks

Don’t have time to work out? Or maybe you do but you’re just lazy? Try doing small exercises on your breaks. For example, you’re watching tv and commercials are on: use those 5 minutes to do some squats, crunches or push-ups.

This might seem like little but if you do this every time a tv show goes on a break, you’ll end up doing a lot more than you think.

4- Drink, drink drink 

Most of the time we think we’re hungry, we are actually thirsty. Try drinking a cup/glass of either water or tea and then see if you still feel hungry. if you don’t, that’s it, you were thirsty.

5- Wait 20 minutes before you repeat your meal 

20 minutes is the amount of time your brain takes to process that there’s food on your stomach. That’s why you should wait 20 minutes before deciding to get yourself another serving of food. Those 20 minutes can be cut short if you eat slowly. I can’t eat slowly though and I know a lot of people are like me so 20 minutes it is.

6- Out of sight, out of mind

The best way not to eat those chocolate biscuits or drink that coke is not to have it at home. Plain and simple. If you don’t want to be tempted to eat them, don’t buy them.

7- Try new recipes 

This is a very helpful tip. As my grandma says ‘there are 101 ways to cook something’  so there’s always an option.

You might not like a certain food cooked a certain way but you might love it when cooked a different way. I hated broccoli. Couldn’t stand it really. But one day I was browsing through Pinterest and this recipe popped up and I decided to try it. Now I can say I love broccoli.

 What small lifestyle changes have you made in your life recently? 
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