7 Easy Ways To Get More Done Everyday

How many times did we think we were doing a lot when in reality we were just sitting on our sofas spending hours scrolling through instagram? A lot of times, right? Well, I’m here today to try to change that. I’ve gathered 7 things you can do to actually be productive.

1-Wake up/ start working earlier 

I think this one is a no-brainer. The earlier you wake-up or start working, the more time you have to complete everything you need to do on that day. I’m not saying you should wake up at 6 am every day, but instead of waking up at 8/9 and staying in bed until 11 am, get up right away.

2-Write down what your routine looks like for a week 

By writing down everything you do for a week you’ll be able to identify what is causing you to be unproductive and what tasks take the longest, helping you tweak your routine in order for it to be the most productive possible.

3-Create a solid routine 

After you’ve recorded what your week looks like, it’s time to create a routine that works for you. Keep in mind that this routine should be designed to maximize your productivity. By creating a solid routine you’ll create habits which will contribute to your productivity.

4-Batch tasks

If you have a bunch of tasks that are similar for example, clean your fridge, clean your pantry and unload your dishwasher, do those things together! You’re in the kitchen anyway, so why not just do it all before you move on to the next task?

5-Plan your day ahead of time

There’s nothing worse than knowing you have a ton of things to do but not knowing where to start. That is when planning comes in handy. The day before or first thing in the morning, write down everything you have to do and then distribute those tasks throughout the day (always keeping in mind step 3 and 4). By writing down everything you need to do, you’ll be more likely to complete all the tasks.

6- Prioritize your to-dos 

Now, form all the tasks you’ve written down, choose the top 3 ones, the ones that have to be completed, no excuses. These should be the first tasks you should complete.

7-Take breaks 

This is super important to have a productive day. I know it sounds kind of contradicting but it’s actually not. Taking breaks in-between your tasks will help your brain and body to recharge a little so you’ll be more energized.

I hope this post can help you be more productive. Do you have any tip on how to stay productive throughout the day? 

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