7 Beauty Products You Should Always Carry In Your Bag

do you know what are the seven essential beauy itesm you should carry around in your bag at all times? Find out here!

Has anyone ever told you you carry too many beauty products in your bag? And you reply by saying it’s all necessary even though you know it’s not but you don’t want the other person to be right? That has happened to me before. It has happened to me quite a lot actually. I used to do this a lot, especially with beauty products. I was the kind of person that would bring my entire makeup routine in my bag wherever I went.

As time went by, though, I started to realize that there is only a handful of beauty-related products I use pretty much every time I leave the house, so I started only carrying those around with me. Those became my essentials. The things I can’t leave the house without. Then I realized these are things all women should carry in their bags, so I decided to write this post down for you to refer to whenever you’re about to leave the house and don’t know what to take with you.

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Lip Balm 

Lip balm always comes in handy, no matter where you are. The feeling of chapped lips is probably one of the worst ever so if you can prevent that feeling my carrying a lip balm with you in your bag then you should definitely do it. 

Hand Lotion  

Another horrible feeling that can be easily solved by you carrying hand lotion with you. Dry hands are most common in the winter, but you should carry hand lotion with you all year-round.  

Nail File

This item, along with the next on the list, is a must-have for me. You will never see me leave my house without a nail file in my bag. I have pretty week nails so they break very easily. 
Something I hate with a passion is when my nail breaks and becomes all pointy, getting stuck in my hair, clothes and whatever else. That’s why a nail file is a must from me. 

Compact Powder  

Oh, this one is a must for me. I have quite the oily skin, which means my makeup doesn’t really like to stay on my face for long periods of time. Although things have gotten quite better (thanks to my Catrice foundation) these past few months, there are still times where I can literally feel my makeup sliding off my skin so having a compact translucent powder with me always comes in handy. I would also recommend you get yourself one of those small face brushes so you can apply the powder. 

Small Mirror 

Do I really need to explain why having a small mirror in your bag is useful? I do? Okay. Let’s see. You can check out your makeup everywhere, your hair too, you can check to see if you have something stuck in your teeth before you meet your boss or just anyone for that matter. Oh and if those uses aren’t good enough, you can use the mirror just to check yourself out. 

Hair Brush 

I usually carry this small grey comb around with me, especially when it’s windy outside. Wind makes my (and everyone else’s) hair all tangled so it’s great to have something to brush through it and make it more presentable. 

Hair Ties/ Hair Clips 

Continuing the hair theme from above, having a hair tie or hair clips in your bag always comes in handy. I can’t tell you the number of times my hair was getting in my way while I was at a uni lecture and I fixed it using a hair tie or clip. Carrying around just one hair tie won’t hurt and I’m sure you’ll thank yourself for putting it in your bag eventually. 


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