5 Types of Blogposts That Get Tons of Views

Ever since I started blogging, a few years back, I’ve written all types of posts and have been able to see which ones drive more traffic and grow my amount of readers.

There are 5 types of blogposts that are a hit with readers, and it is about those kinds of posts I will be talking about today.

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5 Types of Blogposts That Get Tons of Views


List posts are always popular because they are easy for viewers to read and process.

These kinds of posts are one of the easiest ones to write as you don’t have to develop a topic, just write it and that’s it: perfect for those days when you have very little time to blog. 

Here is an example of a list post  (20 Quick Blog Tips)


This one is a no brainer. Everyone loves getting free stuff. Include freebies in your posts and you’ll be a step closer to having a viral post. 
In this post, I shared a blogpost workflow checklist that anyone can download.

How To’s/ DIY’s

How To’s and DIY’s tend to be the most shared blogposts on Pinterest. Share your tips on how to be better at something, how to style a certain item of clothing, share your favorite DIY

Here is an example of a How To/DIY post (How To Sleep Better)

Tips and Tricks 

Share your secrets: the way you do certain things. People are always interested in other people’s point of view of doing a certain task. I’ve noticed that all my posts where I share things about myself and how I do certain things have the highest number of views. You can share your tips and tricks about pretty much everything from how you dye your hair at home, how you stay organized, how you study, everything!

Here is an example of  a tips and tricks post (How to save money)

Current Trends

This type of post isn’t just good for fashion bloggers. If you’re a beauty blogger, do a round-up of makeup trends you’ve seen during fashion weeks.
These posts get a lot of views because people are always on the hunt for the next trend to add to their closet/makeup stash.

Example: Top 7 A/W Trends of 2020
What are your favorite posts to write?


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