5 Things To Always Include In Your Blogposts

A good blogposts consists of two important things: great quality images and a good text. These two things alone can make your blogpost go viral. Although these are the most important things in a blogpost, there are a few other things you should include in them in order to get more engagement and also more followers on your social media.

Links to your social media

 Make sure all your posts contain the links to your social media. The best place to put them is at the end of the post, as I do in my posts (scroll down and you’ll see all my links). this way, people will have easier access to all your platforms and, most likely, will follow you.
On the other side, make sure to also link your blog on your social media, so that people who follow you can have immediate access to your blog.

Search Description

This is very important. Search description is the little text that appears below the link to your blog when you search on a browser like Google. It is also the text that appears below your pins on Pinterest. (that is, if you enabled rich pins for your blog. It is a very easy thing to do and there are tons of tutorials on how to do it online.) This little description will attract more people into your blog and, therefore increase your pageviews/viewers.

Functioning Links 

Every time you link something in your blogpost, whether it is another blogpost or a link to a product, make sure the link is actually working. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read posts and clicked a link only to find out it wasn’t working.


Ask your readers questions. Have they tried the product you’ve just bought? Did they like it? What do they think about this certain topic? This will bring your blogpost engagement up, believe me.


Tags are extremely important, especially now that Bloglovin’ started to include them on their platform. Tags are great to categorise your posts within your blog, so people can easily access all blogposts you’ve written about a certain topic, but now they are a great way to get more exposure on Bloglovin’. If you’re writing a post about, let’s say, a Urban Decay product, make sure you use the tag ‘Urban Decay’ and well as the name of the product. People who look for this tag on Bloglovin’ will find your post and most certainly read it.

What do you think is the most important thing to have in a blogpost? 

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