3 Simple Ways To Save More Money

We're all looking for new and simple ways to save more money. Today I'm sharing three ways to save money right now!

We’re all looking for new and simple ways to save more money. Something all of us want to do but only a few actually can.

I get it, it’s not easy to just grab half of your paycheck and just chuck it into a savings account. I don’t think that is the right way to approach saving money either.  Starting is the hardest part, but with these three tips saving money will – hopefully- become easier. 


Keep Track Of Expenses

You can do this either manually or digitally. If you prefer to write things down, I suggest you get yourself a notebook and just jot down every expense you have throughout each month so you can get a better feel on how you are spending your money. You can also get free printable expense trackers on Pinterest.

If you prefer to do things digitally, you can either create a word document and just type down your expenses or create a spreadsheet and organize everything in there. Again, if you’re not up to making your own spreadsheet, there are tons available for free, just search on Pinterest.

Save a little at a time

Get yourself one of those piggy banks that can only be opened if you break them and every time you get some money, throw a coin or two in there. When starting out, you shouldn’t just throw 100 bucks in there and hope for the best. I can guarantee you that you’ll break the piggy bank way faster than if you just throw a few bucks at a time.

You can also get yourself a savings account if you’re not someone who carries money most of the time. The principle still applies to virtual money.

When in doubt, don’t buy it

If you’re at some store and you see something you like but you’re a bit unsure if you actually want it or you just find it cute, don’t buy it. Nine times out of ten you’ll end up regretting it. If after a week you’re still thinking about that product then I guess you should buy it.

What things do you do in order to save money?
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