25 Blog Photo Prop Ideas

Photography props can make or break a photo: they are the easiest way to add a bit of your personality to an otherwise boring shot. There are so many different props you can use in your photos and most of them are very cheap and accessible (you probably already have some props at home just sitting around your home).
Here are my favourite blog photo props:
1- Ribbon 

2- Fake Flowers 
3- Notebooks ´

4- Mugs 

6- Trays

7- Books
8- Metal Baskets

9- Jewellery


11- Blankets 

12- Phones, computers, tablets

13- Paper Clips

14- Cute Pens

15- Fairy Lights

16- Perfume Bottles

17- Cute Boxes

18- Art Prints

19- Makeup Brushes

20- Nail Polishes
21- Glasses/  Sunglasses

22-Wallets/ Bags

23- Decorative Fabrics (sequins/ faux fur)

24-  Shopping Bags (ex: Chanel)

25-  Your Favourite Makeup Products 

What are your favourite blog photo props?

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