20 Quick Tips To Grow Your Blog

If you go around the internet and search for blog tips, you will get a huge amount of results, and that can be a bit mind-boggling. There are posts around the web that go in depth about 5 or 6 blogging tips, which are amazing, but I feel like I wouldn’t be good a writing those so I decided to gather up 20 quick tips to help you and your blog. These are tips that have worked wonders for me and , hopefully, they will work for you too!

1- Choose quality over quantity. 

2- Promote old posts on social media

3- Tag blog RT accounts on twitter when sharing your posts. 

4- Work on your photography. It is what attracts people to your blog.

5-  Keep a notebook with all your blog related ideas (a post, a giveaway…)

6- Write about things that you are passionate about. Don’t write a post just because others are writing it. 

7- Always add ALT Text to your images 

8- Set up rich pins for your blog

9- Create Pinterest-friendly images (Canva is a great website to do so)

10- Update (or create) your About page

11- Link old blogposts (when it’s relevant) on your newest blogpost 

12- Have a blog layout that is easy to navigate in 

13-Make your blogposts easy to read. Don’t over-complicate things.  

14- Include a link to your blog in all your social media platforms

15- When promoting your blogpost on social media, tag brands that appear in the photo for a chance to get reposted

16-Schedule your social media posts. Doing it all at once can save you a lot of time

17- Claim your blog on Bloglovin

18-Always leave links to your social media at the end of each blogpost you write.

19- Reply to comments people leave on your blogposts. 

20- Interact with your readers and other bloggers.

I hope these tips can help you and your blog!

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