20 Easy Instagram Pictures Anyone Can Take

Instagram is, without a doubt, my favourite social media app. I spend hours upon hours just scrolling down and seeing what other people are up to. A few months ago, I was in a bit of a slump: I didn’t know what to post. Every picture I took looked horrible to me. But then, I started looking through my favourite instagram accounts and taking inspiration from them and managed gathered a series of pictures that are easy to take and that literally, anyone can do.Today, I’m here to share them with you!

1- Craft/DIY you’ve been working on
2-Your pet 
3- A book you’re reading 
4- Accessories you’re loving right now
6- A cute flatlay with a colour theme 
7-Your outfit (on you or on a flatlay)
8-Your workspace
9- Bag spill
10- A picture of your childhood
11- A from where I stand shot
12- Flowers
13- Your favourite meal
14- your favourite place in your city 
15- Your favourite album 
16- Your freshly painted nails 
17- A selfie showing off your makeup 
18- A lovely picture with your parents/grandparent/any family member 
19- A place you’d like to visit
20-  Share a picture of another account you like and tag them
I hope you enjoyed these ideas! Tell me below if you have any other instagram picture ideas.


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