20 Casual Outfits Anyone Can Recreate Right Now

Looking fashionable and comfortable at the same time can sometimes be difficult. I grew up hearing the phrase ''Sofrer para ser bela'' (''suffer to be beautiful'') and while that sounds extremely bad, it's pretty true.

Nowadays though, I think people have kind of stopped associating looking fashionable with 12-inch heels and skin-tight dresses which show how much we've evolved in the last few years.   

Today I've gathered 20 different causal outftis anyone can recreate in a super easy manner. My whole goal here is to show you outfits that scream ''I'm super cool and I didn't just spend 2 minutes picking my outfit, but I actually did.''

PS: If you want more outfit inspo, check out my Virtual Styling Instagram. I post outfits there every single day!

20 Casual Outfits Anyone Can Recreate

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