18 Fun Things To Do This Summer

Can I say it’s summer already? Right now I can. As I write this it’s about 30 degrees outside, a huge contrast to last week’s rainy days. Summer in Portugal has been a bit bipolar, with super hot days followed by cold rainy ones. We honestly don’t know how long the hot weather is going to last so I prepared a list of 20 activities you can do this Summer, both indoors and outdoors. The whole goal of this list is to keep you busy whether it’s hot or cold outside.

  1. Go to the cinema. It’s always cool inside 
  2. Have a picnic 
  3. Read that book you’ve been dying to read 
  4. Try new summer recipes
  5. Start scrapbook
  6. Do a DIY on an old bag or swimsuit. Pinterest is filled with these kinds of DIY’s 
  7. Go camping 
  8. Catch small fish and starfish on the beach (then release them back to the sea of course)
  9. Go to a waterpark 
  10. Create a summer playlist 
  11. Go for a walk on the beach at night 
  12. Search for summer makeup looks and switch up your makeup/skincare routine 
  13. Give your bedroom a makeover
  14. Start taking online classes on a subject that interests you. I’m currently learning Korean, for example.
  15. Have an impromptu photo shoot on a swimming pool 
  16. Have a family barbeque 
  17. Go to a flea market 
  18. Try new ice cream flavours

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