14 Easy Organization Tips For The Naturally Messy

Do you sometimes have this urge to just take everything out of their place and re-organize everything? Cause I do. All the time. Just yesterday, I randomly decided that I was tired of my bedroom’s layout and decided to move around all the furniture. I also re-organized my books, clothes, and stationery. I find it quite relaxing to do stuff like this. It’s also a great way to keep myself accountable for the stuff I own.

I know a lot of people aren’t organization fanatics like I am and don’t know all the tips and tricks out there (I don’t either, don’t get me wrong). If you are one of those people who want to organize your space but don’t know how to start or what to do, this post is for you. I’ve curated a list of my favorite and easiest organization tips I know specifically for those people who are naturally messy.

  • Group similar items together
  • Once you don’t need a certain item anymore, put it back in its place
  • Give your space a good clean once a week
  • Declutter your wardrobe when transitioning into another season
  • Keep your desk clean by only having the absolute essentials on top of it. The rest can go into storage boxes/ drawers
  • Label your storage boxes
  • Organize your books by color. It will look a lot tidier
  • Repurpose old boxes and trays to organize your trinkets. These can also be used as drawer organizers
  • And if you don’t have old boxes and trays, get some at the container store. Trust me, you’ll thank me later
  • Start practicing the ”one in, one out” rule
  • Fold your clothes the Marie Kondo way to save space
  • Organize your bag by having smaller pouches inside of it. It’ll be a lot easier to find that hair tie you are looking for
  • Clear out your bag once a week. Throw away receipts, random food wrappers and everything else you don’t need
  • If you do need certain receipts, scan them into an app. I use Evernote to do this
Are you an organized person or are you more of a messy one?

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