10 Ways To Get Organized Before 2020

2020 is next week? What? How? It seems like 2019 just started and now we’re days away from entering a new decade. That’s crazy! But you know what’s even crazier? Entering 2020 feeling completely disorganized and just plain out of control. We should all start 2020 in a positive, organized note, don’t you think? Here are 10 ways you can get organized before 2020 arrives.

Braindump all the to-do’s that have been lingering in your mind

Get a piece of paper and just write down everything (and I mean everything) that comes to your mind. It doesn’t matter how small of a task it might be, just write it down. Let’s say you have been meaning to replace the light-bulbs around your house but you just have been pushing it back: write it down and get it done. I know it might seem like such a simple thing to do, but trust me, you will enter 202 with much more at ease just by doing these things.

Get a planner/ bullet journal/ digital planning system

Get yourself an organization system that you love and know it works for you. I’ve been using a bullet journal since September and it has done wonders for my productivity. Your system should help you be more organized and productive, not set you back so pay attention to that. 

Book all the appointments you need now

A few phone calls are all it takes to complete this task. Have you been meaning to cut your hair? Book a hairdresser appointment for the beginning of 2020. The same goes for doctor’s appointments, meetings and things of that kind. You will feel a lot less stressed in January, trust me. 

Jot down all the events/ appointments

Pertaining to the last two points, once you get your planning system set and your appointments are booked, jot them down so you don’t forget them. Make sure to check the place you’ve jotted them down in regularly so you won’t forget them. 

List out your goals+ plans on how to achieve them

I know new year’s resolutions have become some sort of cliche by now but I still think they are great. List out all your goals for 2020 in a piece of paper or a word document and then map out what steps you need to take to reach that goal. I would advise you not to choose too many goals though, as it can become quite overwhelming and you might just end up quitting all of them. 

Clean out your closet

Start 2020 well by getting rid of the clothes you don’t wear anymore or that are ruined. They are just occupying space in your closet right now so might as well give those in good condition to family members or charities and get rid of the ruined ones. 

Create a list of books to read/movies & tv shows to watch/ podcasts to listen to

These types of lists will save a ton of time when it comes time to choose what book to read, movie and tv show to watch or podcast to listen to. Check them off as you go and add as many new entries as you please. 

Plan your adventures

Wanna travel somewhere in 2020? This is the right time to start planning that out. Create a list of all the places you want to visit, restaurants you want to try, workshops you’d like to attend and start talking about them with someone you would like to accompany you. 

Buy the things you have been meaning to buy

This is kind of related to the braindump step I mentioned before. Buy all the things you have been meaning to buy for a while but have been procrastinating on doing so. If your favorite foundation is nearing its end, just go buy another one instead of waiting for it to run out. That way you won’t have to go God knows how many days without wearing it and going crazy over it. 

Empty your inbox

To quote one of my favorite YouTubers MuchelleB ” emptying your inbox is the ultimate reset activity.” I’ve reached a point in my life where I can’t function if I have my email inbox filled with random emails. It might take a while, depending on how many emails you have on your inbox right now but it’ll feel so good when you reach inbox zero. On the topic of emails, you should also unsubscribe newsletters that no longer resonate with you and add those which do to unroll.me so you can get all your newsletter emails together and they won’t fill up your inbox. 

What do you usually do to get ready for a new year?



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