10 Free Fonts For Bloggers

Let’s all be honest here. The fonts that come with our computers aren’t very pretty. Sure, they are great for official documents or school/uni essays but they aren’t the kind of fonts you want to use on your blog or Pinterest images. 

I love pretty fonts. They make such a difference in an image, so I decided to gather my 10 favourite fonts for you guys to download! 
These fonts are free for commercial use, but you cannot re-sell them. The owners were super nice to give them to you for free, so don’t go around selling them as yours. You can use these fonts in blog-related stuff, ebook covers,business cards, among other things. 
P.S.: I’ve created a Pinterest group board for bloggers! If you’re interested, click here and follow the instructions on the board description! 
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1- Click on the font you want to download 
2- Once on the font’s website, click ‘download’
3- After it downloaded,open up Control Panel > Appearance+ Personalisation > Fonts
4- Drag the font file and it will install automatically. 

Disclaimer: *At the time of posting, all fonts linked in this post are listed as free for commercial use on their download page. Make sure you check if the fonts are still free for commercial use when you download them. 

I hope you enjoyed these fonts! If you have any more cute fonts, tell me about them in the comments below.


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